Le Societe de Camaraderie


Le Societe de Camaraderie is a professional law enforcement association

that was founded in the late 1930’s by members of the Oakland, California

Police Department. Camaraderie was founded in part:

  1. Bullet  to bring together friends - socially and fraternally

  2. Bullet  to maintain unity in a spirit of fellowship and loyalty to fellow members

        and country

  1. Bullet  to help a member in time of need

  2. Bullet  to aid families of fallen members

The membership of Camaraderie is now comprised of many law enforcement agencies from the bay area and beyond and continues the traditions as a brotherhood that serves its members, law enforcement and the community.

Every month active and retired police officers, and dedicated law enforcement supporters get together to enjoy our unique comradeship, share stories of the past, renew our contacts and friendships, and embrace the newcomers to our profession.

Le Societe de Camaraderie

Post Office Box 11196

Pleasanton, California 94588-1196

(510) 761-5732 (LSDC)


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